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The Eighth- Done Deal

Albert Einstein said, ‘It’s not that I am so smart, it’s just that I stay with the problem longer.’ Although I didn’t think I had a problem with my options, it really took me a long time to decide which property we should buy. Quite often I am the one who rushes to buy. Serina takes a more cautious approach towards property investment. She is the “brake” when I get too excited with investment opportunities, which works well as a team most of the time. Continue reading


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The Eighth- Part One

So we’ve bought our eighth investment property.

‘How do you feel?’ Serina (my wife) asked me.

‘Great of course.’ ~~ my standard short manly answer when she asks me this kind of “girlie” questions.

How do I really feel? I asked myself when I had a quiet moment that night. I guess there is some proud as well as a sense of achievement. Not just because of the number of investment properties, but because of the difference of organising the purchase and completing the transaction this time around. Continue reading