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The Unavoidable

I am very grateful to have a wonderful Property Manager. Our Property Manager Sue (LJ Hooker Belconnen) has been keeping an eye on our property portfolio and actively communicating with us for the past seven years. She made our life much easier for the past two years while we live in Taiwan. She contacts us by emails, and I call her from time to time just to touch base and see how everything is going. During the last two year, there were about 85 emails she sent to us (including the reply emails). In most cases, she was just to inform us which property was due for a rent increase, which tenant was moving out/renewing their lease, or what maintainence requied to be carried out on which property if we agree.

The most recent email correspondence with Sue was because of the ducted aircondition unit in one of our properties. She outlined the problem and suggested what could be done. It’s going to cost us without doubt. However, her approach made us aware of what has been going on, what has been done so far, and what options we might have to solve this issue. She is clever and she attends to details. Most importantly, she keeps us informed before asking us making any decision. In the end we decided to go ahead to replace the aircondition unit (which costs us about $7350 AUD), as it has probably reached its use-by date and may cost us more to fix it in the long run. We value Sue’s advices, but we made our own informed decisions. Most of the time her advices were just spot on. Continue reading